Yu-fei growing up

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As father’s day and mother’s day is only 1 month apart, therefore mummy’s family always celebrated both occasions together. So for this year, we celebrated on 19th June.

The restaurant was crowded but glad that 舅母 has made reservation in advance and all the dishes were delicious and we even have to take away back cause it is too much for us:)


Mummy came across this CAT play from newspapers and brought us for the show on 13th June.
This play was based on a popular Australian picture book by Mike Dumbleton and Craig Smith and is ideal for children aged one to four.

Cat play works with music, sounds, puppets, actors and lots of meowing and this interactive, engaging and colourful production is set in a backyard. The “lawn” is turned into a seating area for us and they will follow a day in the life of Cat and her encounters with Dog, Frog, Mouse, Chicken, Caterpillar, Birds and Fish.

Before the show starts, we even took part in the get Cat Crafty workshop with educators from Julia Gabriel with our very own cat puppets!

All of us including daddy and mummy thoroughly enjoyed the play!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Advance Happy Father's Day

Daddy was lucky to win a dining voucher for 2 worth $90+++ to Spices Café at Concorde hotel for father’s day celebration. The lucky draw coupon was given to us when we went there for mother’s day celebration last month and we didn’t expect to win the dining voucher until daddy received the letter.

As we will be away from this Saturday, therefore mummy called to enquiry about bringing forward the date and to our surprised, we were allowed to do so. So we went for buffet dinner yesterday and our forgetful daddy forgotten to bring his camera and mummy can only snap a few pictures of us using her lousy hp camera :)

Anyway, advance Happy Father’s Day to our daddy!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


We have a play date with Shannyn, Julian, Claryce and Joelle at Fidgets on Wednesday and thanks to Aunty Chantelle for giving us a ride there :)

It was our second trip with them there since Sep 09. Backed then, I was more adventurous with the slides but not for this round but my gross motor skills had been greatly improved. As for Qiqi, she seems to enjoyed herself this round cause she was a toddler now and she tried almost everything under the roof!

Qiqi enjoyed riding in the 3 different cars and turning the steering wheels.

These are our friends. The top left hand picture shows that we are having snacks to recharge ourselves.


Oh ya, there was this boy who is older than me likes to play with Qiqi a lot! He kept playing and bringing Qiqi everywhere he goes and Qiqi likes his companion as well :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Looney Tunes

Mummy brought us to Bukit Panjang Plaza on 4th June to catch Looney Tunes Active Soccer Fiesta and we met Tweety, Sylvester and Bugs Bunny! We missed the chance of getting a photo pass cause when we reached, the show is starting soon and mummy had no time for last minutes purchase and also I told mummy that I wasn’t keen to take pictures with them :)

We will be here again on next week to catch Transformer!

Qiqi said "pi-pi"

Today Qiqi told mummy that she wants to pee! She said “pi-pi” and when mummy asked her again whether she was sure, she said “pi-pi” and nod her head. So mummy brought her to the toilet and she really pee!

Mummy was glad that she was able to tell us when she wants to pee. Beside pee, she was able to tell us when she wants to “ng-ng” too, and most of the time what she said is true. Another incident during this afternoon was when we were at the library, Qiqi said “pi-pi” again and pointed towards her diaper and mummy told her to pee in her diaper because of convenience. After telling her, mummy thinks that we may confuse her :)

Anyway mei-mei had done a great job!

Friday, June 4, 2010

A day at Marina Square

Went to Marina Square last Saturday cause mummy wants to get some stuffs during GSS. We had a stop at Swensen’s for desserts to recharge ourselves and I love this place cause it provides coloring pencils and papers for the kids. Mummy tried to feed Qiqi some ice-cream but she refused to eat, just like me when I was young who doesn’t fancy ice-cream :)

We also spend some times at the kid’s playground at level 2 and I enjoyed my animal rides while Qiqi preferred to have her kiddy rides without inserting coins. (Good for daddy cause it can save him $$:)

And also we able to catches show on Celebrate Doraemon & Friends' 40th Anniversary at the center stage and we get to know Doraemon, Nobita and Shizuka better after watching the show.

Happy Birthday Daddy

25th May is daddy's birthday. We wished him 事事顺利 and stay good health!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Navy Open House 2010

To enhance my learning on the theme of “all on board”, we went to Navy Open House at Changi Naval Base on 22nd May.

Daddy parked his car at the Singapore Expo and we took the shuttle bus to Changi Naval Base. The highlights of the event includes: Climb onboard the formidable Frigate, the gigantic Landing Ship Tank and the nimble Patrol Vessel; Get up close and personal with Harpoon missiles, torpedoes and naval guns; Speed in ships on the open sea and Watch the Naval Divers in an exciting ship-storming display.

Most of the time we need to queued up for at least 30mins in order to onboard the ship and luckily the weather was still bearable although it was a sunny day and all of us got a little sun-burned after the day.

Both of us enjoyed ourselves and knocked out after we onboard the shuttle bus cause we were simply too tired :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

The little artist

It was cute seeing Qiqi wearing this art smock! This round, she was willing to put on art smock before any paint work begins unlike previously, she totally refused to wear :)